Travelling to Bali for yoga

Bali is a great place to visit if you want to combine yoga with travelling the world, exploring great venues and having a taste of a unique yoga retreat. We have been traveling to Bali for yoga!

We would like to share our experience, must visits and tell you how and why we traveled to Bali for yoga.

Where to stay when traveling to Bali for yoga?

We were traveling to Bali for 4 weeks and visiting a variety of venues to bring you some valuable recommendations that we will share down below (we will write about some great venues below). 

Most of the time when we were traveling around we were using Airbnb. This works great when you are traveling around Bali as you can find any experience, type of accommodation or service that you are looking for. 

Also we have had a very unique experience at a yoga retreat in Bali.

Using Airbnb in Bali

Bali can be a very busy place, especially in the holiday seasons, so it can be handy to book your stay in advance when you are travelling in the high season. 

Otherwise, if you wanna live day by day and not plan your trip, you can figure it out during your trip and book the accommodation few days before.

But to be honest, we have booked all our Airbnb stays a few days before. In this way we were able to live day by day.

TIP: We only booked our yoga retreat in advance and our first night

Going on a Yoga retreat in Bali

When we were going to Canggu (our favorite place) we wanted to have a unique Yoga Retreat experience. We started searching for a Yoga retreat in Bali when we were back home and there we found one.

When looking at different options for our yoga retreat, we chose Happyfish Bali based on our expectations and the program and schedule they offered. 

After searching for a while we got excited for their yoga retreat programm and venue. 

Also, this retreat is located in Canggu and, from another trip to Bali before, we knew that Canggu is our favorite place. Canggu is near the beach, it’s got nice shops, great restaurants and some fun bars for a cocktail (below more about Canggu). It’s the perfect location for a yoga retreat as it combines the quiet and wild Bali landscape with youth lifestyle and urban life.

Going on a Yoga retreat in Bali

Going on a Yoga retreat in Bali

Happyfish Bali – Yoga Retreat

Happyfish Bali – Yoga Retreat

Happyfish Bali – Yoga Retreat

Happyfish Bali is located in Canggu with a very unique yoga deck. As told, we love Canggu and this yoga retreat is based just 5 minutes drive from the center and in between the calm rice fields but is still very close to the center of Canggu and the beach. 

The villa is newly build, so the accommodation is in perfect conditions and very comfortable, with a great design taste. Also the staff is very kind and helpful and they will make you feel like at home. 

Yoga retreat program

Yoga retreat program

Yoga retreat program

The yoga program that Happyfish Bali has created is all-in and with a variety of activities. We also loved the mix between yoga, relaxing and sport activities.

List of activities at Happyfish Bali:

  • 11 sessions of yoga
  • 6 nights of sleeping
  • 6 times breakfast
  • Friday Healthy BBQ
  • 1 relaxing massage
  • Bootcamp!
  • Pilates class
  • Surfday! 
  • Welcome HAPPYFISH goodies
  • Scooter (or bicycle)
  • One-day trip to Ubud
  • Pickup from the airport

Yoga at the beach in Bali?

We went for a 7 day yoga retreat experience at Happyfish Bali. But further we have been doing yoga a lot! We brought our own blue yoga blocks to Bali!

We have been doing a lot of early morning yoga at beaches. Uluwatu has one of the best beaches of Bali with beautiful blue water. This is really a unique experience.

Yoga at the beach in Bali

Yoga at the beach in Bali

What can you expect from travelling to Bali?

In Bali there is a lot to do. There are several places to go to. Let’s give a little overview of the most popular places. All the places that we write about are great! But every place got his own charm and reason to be.

Kuta Kuta

If you are traveling to Bali by plane you will arrive at Kuta airport. Kuta is a great place to visit, but also a more touristic part of Bali. There are nice shops and if you would like to go out for a drink there are plenty of bars.

We do liked Kuta but this place is not our favorite. It is nice to see, but not a must see compared to the other places below.

Seminyak Seminyak

Seminyak will give you a very good experience of Bali. There are fruit markets next to the street, plenty of stores with nice souvenirs, art and furniture and also great restaurants.

The city center has a lot of shops, but if you want to relax there is a very nice beach.  Would you like to have some more luxury? Potato Head and the W hotel Bali are some very nice places to visit. You can get a bed over here, the menus are awesome and the ambiance is “Bali with some luxury”.

Canggu Canggu

The place Canggu in Bali has it all!

Canggu is a very loved place, and we can understand why. There are lots of stores everywhere around. Also there are plenty of great restaurants with the most eccentric dishes. We understand the Instagram picture of your food in Bali. Why? The food is just like art!

If you like sushi (most people do right 😉 ) definitely visit Warung Sushito (Warung means “family restaurant” in Balinese). This place has in our opinion the best sushi of Bali. The people are so kind and the food is great. Tip: Check up front if they are open, sometimes the are closed. It is approximately 10 minutes by scooter from the center of Canggu.

Uluwatu Uluwatu

Uluwatu is a very unique, and must visit when you are travelling to Bali for yoga. The beaches are perfect blue, there is real nature and many places to visit. 

Single fin is one of those places to visit. Single fin got a several floor bar/restaurant with a beautiful sunset view. Also if you walk downstairs there is a very nice cave to visit.

Want to have some more luxury? Sundays Beach Club is the place to be! It is worth it to spend a whole day here. They have subs, kano’s, snorkel wear and one of the most beautiful, and very clean, beaches. Also go for a nice walk and you will see some monkeys in the forest.

Ubud Ubud

Ubud is the only place on the list without a beach. BUT this place is got such a  unique rainforest. Learn to know more about the culture of Bali, go land inwards and make lots of friends with monkeys.

When you are travelling by scooter from Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta or Uluwatu you will have a great journey. Always be careful on the road, but this will give you a great experience about this island. 

When you arrive in Ubud you will know what i mean. There are a lot of monkeys around, especially at the monkey forest in Bali. Tip: Don’t keep food in your bag when going to the monkey forest.

Want to hangout at a beautiful and calm place? Go to Jungle Fish. This place is based in the middle of the rainforest, very calm, has an infinity pool. A must visit!

Take away when travelling to Bali for yoga!

As you can read we are very enthusiastic about travelling to Bali for yoga. This is because we love the environment at Bali and there are many things to do. You won’t be bored, not even one day.

If you want to have a unique experience we would definitely recommend to go on a yoga retreat when you are travelling to Bali. 

If you have any experiences about Bali you would like to share, have any questions or would like to have a specific recommendation, please comment below!

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Blue Yoga Blocks

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